About Us

About Us

Welcome to Synergy Physical Therapy! We are an elite, highly specialized rehabilitation clinic committed to helping patients meet their performance, health, and life goals. Our practice is comprised of seasoned, fully credentialed clinicians who adhere to the philosophy that personalized instruction, patient education, and treatment versatility are vital to the rehabilitation process.

Through our comprehensive treatment programs, patients receive a combination of orthopedic manual therapy, movement analyses, corrective exercises, and training that is individualized for their particular goals. This personal approach to recovery is flexible and functional. It not only helps in your current rehabilitation process, but it also enables you to prevent further injuries and enhance your natural abilities.

Meet The Team

Vincent Peries, PT, DPT
Clinical Director
Emily Henriques, MBA
Director of Operations and Marketing
Alicia Martinez, PTA
Physical Therapist Assistant
Kathy Bennett
Front Office Specialist


Our expertise, high-energy atmosphere and attention to detail sets us apart from other physical therapy practices. From your first visit down to your last, we ensure your questions and concerns are being addressed, and that you're receiving compassionate care.

Synergy Physical Therapy empowers patients to take control of their recovery and well-being, so they are informed, confident and leading healthier lives. What are you waiting for? Come be a part of the Synergy team and reach your maximum potential.

Stand Strong, We're By Your Side

"Vincent literally pulled a miracle on my knee. The orthopedic said it was the worst case of patellar tendonitis he had ever seen without surgery."
Kyriakos Rock L