Alicia Martinez, PTA

Physical Therapist Assistant

Alicia has a creative mind, and in her spare time, she enjoys drawing, crafting, and repurposing projects. Having been a runner from an early age, running continues to be Alicia’s favorite form of exercise, but she also appreciates hiking, swimming, and other fun activities.

Born and raised in Arizona, Alicia is an ASU alumnae with a bachelor's degree in exercise and wellness. Although she was not a collegiate runner, Alicia traded the beautiful sunsets of Arizona for the Big Sky of Montana to coach cross country at the University of Great Falls. This was such a great experience for Alicia, and she hopes to visit Montana soon to indulge in the state’s adventurous landscape.

Alicia recently graduated from GateWay Community College with an associate’s degree in the physical therapist assistant program. She never underwent physical therapy herself, but some of her work and school experiences have increased her compassion for the patients she encounters. Alicia’s goal as a PTA is to provide the guidance and intervention best-suited for patients to get them doing what they love.

Alicia’s active lifestyle is part of her approach to patient care. She feels it is important to lead by example and show that healthy living in all dimensions is an individual choice. Now that she has achieved her educational goals (for now), Alicia hopes to achieve a few life goals, like traveling and reading the numerous books on her bookshelf to satisfy her love of learning about different cultures, nature, the human body, and anything else that strikes her interest!

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