Resident Certified Therapy Dog

Woof! Woof! I’m Bruin, and I grew up at Synergy. When I was just three months old, my momma (Emily) adopted me from the HALO Animal Rescue and brought me to work the next day. For the first few months, I stayed on a leash, worked on my kennel training, and mastered how to greet patients. I also learned not to cross the door from the gym to the waiting room or go out the back door without my momma.

As a puppy, I was stubborn, hardheaded, and didn’t want to obey the rules. My momma knew if I was going to be a real therapy dog, she would need some help from the professionals at Partners Dog Training. So, off to boarding school, I went! After receiving the Canine Good Citizen Certification, completing a number of classes, and passing a series of tests, I became a Certified Therapy Dog (did I mention I took the test on May 25, my first birthday?).

At work, I help patients get through treatment. I observe them while they get manual work done, and I give them a break when they need it. On days I’m being anti-social, you may see me snoozing or looking out the front window. Other than that, I will probably say hi to you and carry around my bone for show and tell. I really like getting my hips scratched, and I love checking the mail. If you aren’t a dog person, don't worry! I will hang out with my momma in the office (I like to be her shadow).

Once I get home, I leave the stress of work behind me! I have a doggy sister named Abigail who I’m fond of, on my own terms. As Abigail's big brother, I show her the ropes. Although, my parents like to say Abigail runs the show. I go on walks and runs for exercise, but I refuse to go more than two miles. I like to take bubble baths in the tub, not with a hose. I don’t like to swim (I'm more of a lay-by-the-pool kind of dog), and when my dad is home, I like to lay down in the office with him, no girls allowed!

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Resident Certified Therapy Dog