Emily Henriques, MBA

Director of Operations and Marketing

Emily is a lover of the University of Michigan (Go Blue), hosting football season BBQ’s, March Madness, concerts, decorating, working out, wine, fresh flowers and doggies. She is competitive by nature and looks to win at everything. To unwind, Emily loves to go to happy hour, go on walks with her pups, and “lay flat”…or better known as watch reality TV.

In June, Emily and her husband, Mike, welcomed their little girl, Sloane, into the world. They have been madly in love since day one, and are fascinated by not only the physical growth, but cognitive growth these little babies go through. Between Sloane, Bruin (Synergy’s certified therapy dog), and Bruin’s doggy sister Abigail (or “Ruby,” as she is called in the house), life is full and exciting right now. 

Being an athlete her entire life, and having major shoulder surgery in college, Emily understands that being hurt results in more than just physical pain, but mental and emotional pain as well. She acknowledges that getting better can't happen without a strong support system and internal determination. At Grand Canyon University, where her husband now works as a Performance Coach, she received her bachelor's degree in corporate fitness and wellness with a health education minor, and her master's degree in business administration with an emphasis in leadership. Emily is able to combine both her passions of physical well being and business at Synergy Physical Therapy, where she manages the office, business development, and marketing for the clinic.

Emily has been working at Synergy since day one, and with Vincent even longer. She believes her passion for strong, active bodies and business creates the perfect harmony here at Synergy. Emily is a forward-thinking, problem-solving innovator who makes things happen. She holds customer satisfaction and relationship building to the highest regard.

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Clinical Director; Doctor of Physical Therapy
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Physical Therapist Assistant
Front Office Specialist
Director of Operations and Marketing
Resident Certified Therapy Dog