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Sidney S.

"I am a neurologist by trade, and in a previous life, an exercise physiologist with an advanced degree in Kinesiology. I was referred to Vincent at Synergy by my Pain Management Specialist who felt that Vincent offered a unique approach to physical rehabilitation for chronic spine conditions and acute injuries.


At the outset, I was extremely impressed by the front-end staff’s professionalism; working with me and my insurance company to arrange and schedule the approved physical therapy sessions. Vincent conducted a thorough evaluation of my physical abilities and limitations, focusing on my entire physical structure rather than limiting his examination to my back. We discovered deficits in areas other than my lumbar spine, which impacted my mechanics. Working with Vincent and his staff of therapists and assistants, we embarked on a comprehensive functional physical therapy program, which allowed me to return to a functional capacity that I had not had in years.

Vincent and his team provide a truly unique, functional approach to physical therapy and rehabilitation. I strongly recommend Vincent to my patients, and would not hesitate to return to Synergy, if needed."


"In reality, I need pages to describe how I feel about walking in the door, interacting with Kathy, you, Bruin, and Vincent. I feel safe and at home. A positive energy level in a place where you know you are about to, "feel the pain," is incredible. If I walk in feeling down trodden or not wanting to be there, I always leave with energy and a promise from inside my soul of improvement.


Want results? A knowledgeable team? A positive environment in which to work through the pain? Synergy Physical Therapy is the place to go. Synergy: the cooperative action of two or more muscles, nerves, or the like. Their expertise, encouragement, and inspiration remain with you once treatment is over. Diagnosed with breast cancer and having a mastectomy, working with Vincent, I reclaimed my body! Thank you, Synergy Team!"

Heather M.

"Synergy is great! They helped me strengthen my back, encouraged me when it got tough, and taught me a variety of skills to work on outside the office to keep myself injury free.


I really appreciate the different techniques they use, their willingness to educate, and their positive energy. I'm so glad my doctor recommended Synergy PT."

Tina H.

"I developed hip pain that left me in pain 24 hours a day, and the doctors said surgery was the only treatment. To me, that was unacceptable! I went to several physical therapists over the years, but my life changed the day I started working with Vincent at Synergy.


 He said, “I can help you,” on my first visit. I said, “I challenge you to help me," and our journey began. I have worked with Vincent for 3 years; the road was long, but it was totally worth it. After a lot of hard work, I am pain-free and a much stronger, more active, healthy woman, without surgery. If you want to change your life, Synergy is the place!"

Elliot W.

"Vincent at Synergy Physical Therapy has given me the tools to reduce or eliminate hip and lower back pain triggered by scoliosis.


He is, by far, the best and most effective Physical Therapist I have ever worked with. I highly recommend him and Synergy PT."


"I am so very grateful to have found Synergy Physical Therapy. I hurt my back really bad and worked with Vincent for over a year. It was hard for me to even walk, but once I started working with Vincent, things began to change, and I got stronger and stronger.


I also avoided having surgery and went off all pain medications. Vincent has great attention to detail and uses the proper mechanics to perform exercises and stretching. Vincent also educates you on the importance of posture and staying strong. I feel stronger than ever thanks to Synergy, and I plan on staying that way."

Lori C.

"I sustained an arm injury that had been bothering me on and off for a couple of years. I had multiple therapies in Canada (AZ Snowbird) for this injury with little relief. A massage therapist in Scottsdale recommended I see Vincent from Synergy and am I glad she did!


I worked hard and went frequently for a couple of months and left with complete mobility and increased strength. It was life changing. I am back to training and doing yoga feeling stronger than ever. It was worth every penny and all the effort. This is no regular physical therapist!!"


"Weekend warrior, pickleball player, competitive cyclist. I'm over 70 and thought my active lifestyle was limited by persistent pain from an old torn rotator cuff and dislocated shoulder. At the suggestion of another active friend, I visited Vincent at Synergy.


Within a few weeks, I was again playing pickleball, cycling, and sleeping through the night without pain. My lifestyle has recovered, and I have recommended Synergy to many of my suffering friends."


"Synergy PT includes an exceptional staff that is very happy and full of positive energy. Over the years, I have seen Vincent for different injuries/reasons.


Vincent is truly an expert in the realm of physical therapy. Aside from his amazing knowledge of movement restoration, he is honest, patient, and truly enjoys his work."


"In 2016, I tripped and broke my humerus in three places, tore my bicep's tendon, and rotator cuff. After surgery, my arm hung at my side, unable to move. While I was ready to get my life back, the thought of physical therapy was frightening.

My first day, Kathy, at the front desk, welcomed me. When I expressed my fear, she was quick to tell me I was in great hands. Emily, the back-office manager, is friendly, kind, and always has the answers. Her dog, Bruin, accompanies her to Synergy. He is the perfect comfort dog.


Vincent is Synergy's physical therapist. His dynamic personality, encouragement, and compassion got me through a painful and scary time. His energy is contagious. Synergy is hyper-vigilant about cleanliness. Tables and equipment are cleaned after each use.

With Vincent's knowledge, my arm healed, and I regained full range of motion. While I hope I never injure myself again, there will be no question where I will return. Synergy is by far the best facility there is for physical therapy."

Natalie and John

"My husband and I have both been patients at Synergy PT and are very happy and satisfied with the excellent services we received there. The staff is very professional and friendly and, most of all, design programs that will help you get better. 


With the help of Synergy, my husband has recuperated from some very serious back surgery, and I have improved my knee and hip issues. We strongly recommend the services of Vincent and his team."

Susie G.

"I'm a completely healed shoulder surgery survivor! I had my right shoulder rotator done in 2015. Vincent Russo, MD, provided me with Synergy Physical Therapy's information for my rehabilitation. So, I went to Vincent for an assessment. Yes, therapy is hard! Yes, it is painful! Yes, it takes work! 


But, it is worth it! Vincent and his staff are professionals. The spirit in the therapy room is great! All of Vincent's clients receive expert treatment and a lot of encouragement! I had my left shoulder done in 2016. Back to Synergy! Smiling faces welcomed me back! I enjoy playing golf, pickleball, swimming, and riding my bike. I lift weights and take a barre class 5 times a week! I can hold a plank for 3 minutes! Although I am much better, I plan on going to Synergy at least a few times a month for tune ups. I highly recommend Synergy."