"After suffering from a ruptured disc, as well as discomfort from prolonged sitting at work, I found the relief I needed from Synergy Therapy & Performance in Scottsdale. Not only did I feel 100% better, I learned the exercises needed to maintain a pain-free lifestyle. I always received one-on-one guidance and advice, which resulted in the relief I was seeking. I now take the education I learned and apply it to my workout routine at the gym, which is my favorite activity after work.

Synergy Physical Therapy provides a fun and easy-going atmosphere, as well as a high-quality educational experience. Two thumbs up!!"

-David M., Synergy PT patient

"I had an excellent experience at Synergy Therapy after my partial knee replacement. In a very relaxed atmosphere, I was made to feel comfortable from the time I walked in, to the end of my session. Vincent, the lead therapist, listened to my concerns and monitored my situation closely. He is very knowledgeable, and I love how he incorporates patient treatment with a learning experience for physical therapy students. In talking with a particular student, she felt very fortunate to work under his guidance. I was also very impressed at how patient they were with the elderly and how they encouraged them to push themselves. They work with your insurance and offer solutions that work for everyone. I always felt my health and best interest was taken into consideration. I would highly recommend Synergy for anyone who needs help restoring their body into its best functioning state."

-Pam M., Synergy PT patient

"I have worked with Vincent for various sports injuries over several years. Recently, I had a total knee replacement and experienced many complications. Vincent is a master therapist, in that he worked through the necessary rehab steps and exercises, utilizing a variety of skillful techniques. Throughout each session, he consistently motives and educates patients on the steps necessary to regain and maintain mobility. I am so grateful that I found Synergy and Vincent and the wonderful staff that works there. I would never go anywhere else for physical therapy."

-Jeanie, Synergy PT patient

"Vincent and the whole Synergy team have been a key part of my recovery and have supported me in my journey to walking again. Synergy is different from other practices that I've been to before. They are productive, clean, knowledgeable, and truly make an effort to ensure I understand every step of the process. I would highly recommend Synergy to anyone looking for a well-planned recovery."

-Kelly, Synergy PT patient

"I started seeing Vincent for bicep and deltoid tendonitis, which was causing pain/discomfort while sleeping and performing some of my favorite activities, such as skiing and swimming. It did not take long before I was ski-ready and sleeping better. He always seems to find the exact spot and gives specific exercises to address the weakness that will make me stronger. I look forward to the discomfort during therapy since I always walk out feeling better. I will be forever grateful for his hands and would recommend Synergy to anyone who wants to feel better and get rid of their pain."

-David, Synergy PT patient

"I am an avid gym rat who enjoys bodybuilding and functional training. A year or so ago, I developed severe bicep tendonitis from the many years of lifting and lifting incorrectly. I was referred to Synergy PT and began treatment there with Vincent and his staff. Because of the excellent care I received, and the training in proper technique with an emphasis on building a strong foundation, I am now able to lift, as I did before, without the painful symptoms of tendonitis. Recently, I injured my back and returned to Synergy. Again, with all the help I have received, and the emphasis on teaching correct form and technique, and developing new habits, I am back in the gym lifting again and making gains! I would recommend Synergy PT to anyone who is seeking physical therapy of any kind. The emphasis and focus on each client’s well-being, proper form and technique, and training to build a solid foundation put Synergy PT, in my humble opinion, at the top of its field."

-Elaine, Synergy PT patient

"After more than a year of excruciating pain, multiple physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists, I was beginning to lose hope.  If it weren’t for Synergy’s holistic approach to PT and Vincent’s “no pain, no gain” mentality, the life of constant pain and discomfort would be my new norm. Not only has Vincent chartered a course for me to regain full mobility and live pain-free, but he has also educated me on the constant stress we put on our bodies. This has heightened my awareness around the importance of maintaining proper posture and overall joint mobility. If you want a physical therapist that is going to go easy on you and draw out your healing process, Vincent is probably not the right fit for you. But, if you are willing to really push yourself and are 100% committed to rehabilitation, look no further than Vincent and Synergy PT!"

-Synergy PT patient

"I am an avid golfer and fitness enthusiast. As a former D1 baseball player and U.S. Army Ranger, I am all too familiar with orthopedic injuries and the necessary rehabilitation."

-James, Synergy PT patient

"As I walked into Synergy PT, I “knew” this place was focused on their patients! Kathy greeted me warmly, and Emily got me set up with insurance very quickly before my evaluation. I was seen right at my appointment time, Vincent was very intent on listening to every word I said about my pain, asked lots of questions, then did a very thorough examination. He was able to identify very quickly that I had an accumulation of scar tissue (due to surgeries) and assured me that with consistent work, “we” could overcome this and get back to life. I didn’t believe him at first. He made me sit down then get back up, which locked up my hip and I yelled in terrible pain. He was confident, calm, very empathetic and said, “yes, we can get you back, it will take work on your side too, and you will also learn about your own body and how to avoid pain.” Vincent genuinely cared about my success, motivated me, corrected my technique, taught me a lot about the mechanics of my body and why I was in so much pain. Just knowing that motivated me to work harder. Our bodies can heal if we just help them a bit (I did not want to rely on a walker)! I went to therapy two (2), sometimes three (3) times each week for 7 months (it would have been shorter had I found him first). When I completed my therapy, I could sprint, jump, play volleyball, hike, and do whatever I wanted WITHOUT any pain. There were no restrictions! I returned to Synergy PT 3/2017 due to a work injury. Vincent was able to get me right back to work and life again within a couple of weeks.

This time, I’ve challenged him to a game of racquetball!

By the way, I’ll be 60 in a few months… loving life, loving my Synergy PT family!"

-Peggie L., Synergy PT patient

"I came to Synergy with limited range of motion and a dramatically worn shoulder joint that had been repaired from a college wrestling injury 40 years ago. 

Synergy/Vincent took me on, and after several months of hard work, I regained almost 90% of my shoulder mobility. Initially unable to raise my arm above my shoulder, I recovered almost complete motion both to the front and side.

I'm now back to slalom waterskiing, on a short line. That's traveling behind a boat at almost 34 mph, still making aggressive turns at age 67.

This was only possible because of the deliberate efforts and care I found at Synergy."

-Dave, Synergy PT patient

"I have been sending my patients to Vincent at Synergy PT for the past 4 years and have never had a negative comment. Vincent and his staff have been able to help my complicated patients and are at the top of my list of therapists. I would recommend Synergy PT without reservation, and look forward to working with them for years to come."

-Dr. Jason S, Southwest Spine and Sport

"Vincent literally pulled a miracle on my knee. The orthopedic said it was the worst case of patellar tendonitis he had ever seen without surgery. I even got into better overall physical shape as a side-effect. It will definitely be tough in the beginning, but if you do what he says, you WILL see quick results. I HIGHLY recommend him."

-Kyriakos Rock L, Synergy PT patient