"I believe Vincent has given me a lot of knowledge and self-awareness about my body. He really knows how to get patients out of their comfort zone but at the same time understand and accept the importance of such. It is truly worth the 50 mile drive from Goodyear!"

-Terri S, Synergy PT patient

"After surgery to repair my knee the doctor recommended rehab work with Synergy PT. Over the next several months Vincent and his staff taught me the stretches and exercises I needed, and then patiently repeated a variety of workouts. Vincent's knowledge is impressive –again and again, he was able to figure out what was causing pain and the right actions to get me back on track. Vincent knew I played tennis so workouts were tailored to incorporate exercises that would keep me from injuring myself during play. Learning to walk, run, starting and stopping while triggering the right muscles has kept me pain free and considerably stronger than when I started. I am very grateful to Synergy."

-Joe B, Synergy PT patient

"I appreciate all the help Synergy PT has given me with my troublesome knees and feel that we have made big strides. A couple years ago, I was able to "race" my younger daughter to the front door, and it was the greatest feeling in the world. I owe it to Vincent. Running and skipping has never been more rewarding. I will continue to do the exercises you have shown me. I can say with certainty, Vincent is the best physical therapy I've ever worked with – and I've worked with many."

-Curt B, Synergy PT patient

"From my first contact, to setting up and scheduling appointments, to the actual PT experience I have to say Synergy PT is an exemplary team of great professionals. The care and attention I received was outstanding and helped me considerably to regain much of my physical agility. I listened and followed instructions and always felt better and had more energy when I left Synergy PT. Vincent and Staff, you're the best and I really appreciate all the help you gave me. Standing stronger every day!"

-Trixi T, Synergy PT patient

"I went to the doctor complaining of pain in both knees. The problem surfaced while riding my bicycle for long distances. The doctor recommended physical therapy and referred me to Synergy. On my initial visit I was impressed by the professionalism, knowledge and patience of the staff at Synergy. I learned a lot about the state of my physical condition. Vincent designed a treatment plan specifically for me; a plan to improve my physical condition and alleviate the pain. This plan also involved the conditioning of muscles to shift the stress I was putting on my knees to the muscles which are designed to absorb impact. I started to see and feel the results of the plan almost immediately and now I am once again riding my bicycle without pain. Synergy educated me on how to use my body more effectively and efficiently than before. Going to Synergy was an eye opening experience for me."

-Michael C, Synergy PT patient