DS Network of AZ Buddy Walk

We are back at it again! Synergy Physical Therapy is excited to sponsor the 2017 DS Network of Arizona Buddy Walk. As a company, supporting our community has always been part of our business plan. Another part we find important is creating a family like atmosphere at work, which is why supporting the DS Network of Arizona hits so close to home. 

Some of you may have had the opportunity to work with Kathy in the front office. If you have, then one thing you know about Kathy is her love for her grandson Joaquin. Joaquin, at 3 years old he loves cars and trucks, drums and music class, his dog D and starts preschool in August. He lights up the office when he comes to visit and we couldn't be more blessed to have him in our life. 

Joaquin has a large army that is here for him and his family to ensure they receive the resources needed and the opportunities he deserve. As a company we have learned a lot about Down syndrome and the resource those with Down syndrome and their families need. That is why we decided to sponsor DS Network of Arizona. DS Network of Arizona is a non profit that provides support and resources to those with Down syndrome and their families to ensure that every one "rockin' an extra chromosome" has every opportunity in this world. In fact every dollar raised goes right back into our community.

We will be walking as a team Saturday, October 28 in honor of all with Down syndrome, their families and the army of people who know the world holds no limits. If you would like to walk or donate please click on Stand Strong Joaquin and you will be redirected to our team page. 

 Stand Strong Joaquin, We're By Your Side