Run Stronger, Faster, Better, Harder

Run Stronger, Faster, Better

In Arizona when the weather cools off that means we can finally hit the pavement without the soles of our shoes melting. We aren't taking about the run-walk we do from the car to the store during the summer, but the smooth Olympic like run that takes us miles from our house and back. Just you, the pavement, and your surroundings.


Now that the picture in your head of running was painted to be beautiful, easy and pain free it's time to bring you back to reality. If you are new to running odds are your body probably isn't moving like an Olympic runner. In fact, your run is probably loud, your legs feel heavy, you have pain in your back and knees and are developing the dreadful shin splints.


For those who call themselves seasoned runners your body knows what to expect after the summer months. You even crave your next run and find yourself running more often now that you can basically run anytime of the day. Your body doesn't have new runner blues but still feels the effect of improper running form, lack of stretching and cross training.


So you aren't quite an Olympic runner, nor are you looking to be one, but you are running for your health and personal goals, so are you doing more damage than good? If you are brand new to running and training to run around the block or you are a seasoned runner and training to run a marathon, Synergy Physical Therapy is offering FREE consultations to help you be a faster, better and stronger runner.


In this consultation our therapists will:

  • Evaluate your running form on the treadmill
  • Explain proper running mechanics
  • Discuss any aches and pains you have during or after your run
  • Give you tips and pointers on stretches and exercises that will help make you a stronger runner


Synergy Physical Therapy knows that we can't set you up, and send you on your way without a follow-up. Two weeks after your initial consultation it will be time to come see us again so we know that you are running your best. At your two week follow-up if you are still struggling to be the runner you want to be and/or feeling pain that is when we will sit down and go over your next options of physical therapy, performance training, or referring you to see your doctor.


To sign up for your FREE consultation or if you have any questions please call the office at (480)767-0794.


Stand Strong Runners, We're By Your Side