Synergy Chat 2020 - Benefits of Prehab

Physical therapy isn’t only beneficial after you are already hurt or after undergoing surgery. Physical therapy is actually extremely beneficial when you first start to “feel something,” or before you even go in for a surgical procedure.

When you start to “feel something,” that means your body is either weak, fatigued, tight, or your mechanics are off. This puts you at a greater risk for serious injury or surgery. Many people fall into the trap of thinking they will simply take some time off, or the exact opposite and they just work through the pain. Here is where physical therapy comes in. If you start PT right at the beginning, when you just don’t feel right, your treatment plan is actually shorter because we can help you before it goes from bad to worse.

On the other hand, if you are preparing for surgery, then you shouldn’t be skipping on physical therapy. It is proven the stronger and more flexible you are going into surgery, the better the outcome. Going through physical therapy before surgery also helps you to understand what is going to happen after, allows us to teach your body proper mechanics, and eliminate the deficiencies quicker after your procedure.


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