Synergy Chat 2020 - Direct Access

The state of Arizona is a direct access state, which means most insurance companies do not require a physician referral to see a physical therapist in order to cover your treatment. Direct access is great, because it allows you to take control of your health while also allowing you to get immediate attention for any aches and pains you are experiencing. It's important to note that Medicare and a select few small companies and policies do require physician referrals. So you probably have a few questions… How do you know if your individual policy falls under direct access? That's easy, we do an insurance verification before the start of your treatment. How do your physical therapist know what's wrong with me? With a thorough initial evaluation and by discussing your areas of concern, our clinicians are able to properly diagnosis you and get treatment started the same day. What if you need further diagnostic testing like and MRI or X-ray? We have a list of fantastic doctors that will refer you as necessary. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us either by the contact us option on our website or by calling the office. We are happy to help!


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