How do we treat?

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By talking to patients so they understand their individual plan of treatment and discussing their unique goals, we find that patient accountability rises and outcomes drastically improves. 

At Synergy, we view treatments as 3 unique phases:

  • Deconstruction


    During the deconstruction phase, we focus on the breaking down of scar tissue, tight muscles, and bad habits.

  • Reconstruction


    During reconstruction, we are strengthening and conditioning the muscles through proper mechanics.

  • Performance Rehab

    Performance Rehab

    For advanced patients with more specific goals, we take it one step further. In performance rehab, we prep the body to be highly efficient in sport or activity.

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Every patient is unique and follows a different path to recovery, which is why we customize our treatments for every individual that walks through our door. Most treatments are made of several different services, which you can learn about below:

Dry Needling
Have you heard about
Dry Needling
Learn more about this trigger point therapy that uses thin filament needles to alleviate muscle pain.
Corrective Exercises/Functional Training
How we use
Corrective Exercises/Functional Training
Read how we use deliberate and customized exercises to target your unique recovery needs.
Gait Training
Learn more about
Gait Training
Learn how we use strength and balance training to improve mobility.
Manual Therapy
Learn more about
Manual Therapy
Learn how Synergy therapists use special hands-on techniques to ease pain and increase range of motion.

Additional services that may be used along your path to recovery include:


Performance Training

Joint Mobilizations

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