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From sprains and strains to arthritis and immune disorders, ankle pain can have a wide number of causes.

Ankle Pain

The ankle plays an extremely important role in our daily lives, and it's easy to forget how integral the joint is to many common movements until we experience ankle pain. With a complex arrangement of muscle, ligaments, tendons, and nerves passing through the ankle, there are numerous structures that may be a source of pain that may disrupt common movements. Synergy Physical Therapy offers several treatment options that may be good options for minimizing ankle pain and restoring mobility.

Ankle pain is a very common injury among not only the athletic population but also the general population.

Many times people “roll” their ankle doing day-to-day activities, miss-stepping, and/or having a history of frequent ankle sprains/strains. The reason for so many recurring injuries/pain in the ankles is due to poor rehabilitation of the initial injury.

The old-school approach to ankle rehabilitation was to “RICE” (rest, ice compression, and elevation); however, that method has been proven to be less effective. In order to properly rehab an ankle, it needs to be challenged in both weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing exercises. Early mobility and stability training is imperative to a full ankle recovery. It is also important to note that not only the ankle musculature needs to be addressed, but all of the muscles in both lower extremities and the core as well.


Your Synergy therapist may treat ankle pain with a combination of treatments, which may include:

Functional Training
Manual Therapy
Gait Training
Dry Needling
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