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If you're looking for a quick treatment without a long-term therapy plan, our SynergyGo services have you covered.

Synergy Physical Therapy is dedicated to offering comprehensive physical therapy plans for our patients to provide the most complete treatment journey possible. But we get is busy, and sometimes you want to stop in for quick pain relief without dedicating your time to a full PT program.


This is why we created SynergyGo™.

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SynergyGo offers 30-minute treatment sessions to quickly relieve your pain.

We never like to say that pain has a quick-fix. In fact, our traditional physical therapy treatment plans are designed to relieve pain symptoms over time in the most effective way possible, requiring long-term dedication from both the therapist and the patient.

However, we know that even temporary pain relief is important to those without the time needed for a full PT program, and for this reason, we are proud to offer SynergyGo services.




With SynergyGo, our therapists offer quick treatments to offer expedited relief of pain symptoms without a full therapy plan.

In your 30-minute SynergyGo session, you may be treated with one or more of our typical therapies, including:  


Any combination of these treatments may be used in SynergyGo visits and will be determined on the day of service based on how patients are presenting pain symptoms. Our goal is to get you feeling better so you can continue thriving in competition or life.


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Let's talk SynergyGo.



SynergyGo is a new way to experience our various treatments in an expedited format. While we always recommend a full PT plan for patients suffering from underlying anatomical issues that are causing pain, we understand that at times a temporary fix is all that a patient can fit into their schedule.

If you have any questions, we'd love to talk to you about the benefits of SynergyGo, and how it may be a good option for you.

You can reach us at 480.767.0794.

SynergyGo services are cash-pay only, and are not eligible to be submitted for insurance reimbursement.

SynergyGo services are meant to be a temporary solution for pain symptoms. In order to address the true cause of the pain, a full physical therapy treatment plan would be required to address the structural issues behind the pain. If you don't have time for a full PT program, SynergyGo services may help you live with less pain.

Yes! If you would like to experience cupping, dry needling, or one of our other services, you may request that particular service during your visit. However, we recommend allowing our therapists to choose the service that will most effectively provide pain relief for your unique symptoms.


SynergyGo Pricing

SynergyGo services are cash-pay only, and cannot be reimbursed by insurance.

First Treatment
$120  / treatment
  • New patient evaluation
  • Treatment recommendation from therapist
  • 30-minute SynergyGo treatment
  • Treatment may include:
Additional Treatments
$60  / treatment
  • Treatment recommendation from therapist
  • 30-minute SynergyGo treatment
  • Treatment may include: