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Using needles to eliminate pain.

Dry needling

Any treatment that has “needle” in the name might seem a bit unpleasant, but dry needling is not as scary as it sounds. Dry needling targets trigger points, which are areas in connective tissue that limits motions and causes pain.



Treatment Quick Facts

Who is a good candidate for dry needling?

Dry needling may be recommended for anyone looking to reduce muscle pain caused by trigger points and restore function. Typically, this treatment is used in conjunction with a larger physical therapy treatment plan.

How is dry needling administered?

Dry needling uses a very thin needle that penetrates the skin in order to stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points and connective tissues. The needles are typically left in place for roughly 20 minutes in order to allow for the trigger points to release.

Is dry needling painful?

The needles used during dry needling are extremely thin, and typically no pain is felt as they enter the skin. Your muscle may twitch as the needle enters, but most do not describe the feeling as painful.

Dry Needling is a technique to reduce trigger point tension by inserting a very fine needle into muscles to reduce pain and improve function.

The dry needling process is very simple. We use very thin, sterile needles to target the sensitive area in question. When we insert the needle through the skin, it will stimulate the trigger point, as well as the muscular and connective tissue. Once the needle is inserted, we twist it so that the tissue wraps around the needle and the body’s natural healing process works to take care of the rest and loosen the area.

When we use this technique, along with other therapies, it can help relieve your pain and muscle tension and give you better range of motion.


Marking the placement of the needles

Dry needling may be used to help patients with a number of conditions, including:


Ankle Pain
Foot Pain
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Back Pain
Muscle Pain
Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain
Stomach Pain

Dry needling benefits include:

Reducing muscle pain

Increasing flexibility

Reducing stiffness

Improving range of motion

Is this treatment right for you?

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