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Synergy Strong™ Program




Are you ready

to maximize your potential?



Synergy Physical Therapy is excited to introduce Synergy Strong™, a human performance program.

Synergy Strong™ is dedicated to optimizing mobility, strength, cardiovascular health, and overall quality of life to allow you to perform at your highest level.



Human Performance is not about dropping pounds or getting toned. This is a program dedicated to helping you reach your peak performance in life or sport.






Synergy Strong™


Synergy Strong™ is an exciting new opportunity to use the concepts of Synergy Physical Therapy in order to build elite overall strength. This is not a weight loss or injury rehab program; this is an opportunity to become the best version of yourself to maximize your performance according to your daily needs.

If you have any questions, we'd love to talk to you about the benefits of Synergy Strong™.

You can reach us at 480.767.0794.

Synergy Strong is not a physical therapy or personal training program, but a human performance program dedicated to maximizing your full potential in life or sport. Through either at-home or in-clinic training programs, you will work directly with a coach to develop a program based on your strength, performance, and life goals.  

Whereas PT focuses on finite recovery from injury, and personal training focuses on losing weight and gaining definition, Synergy Strong  focuses on maximizing your quality of life.

Synergy Strong programs are designed to continuously build on your prior program’s progress. This is a lifestyle program that requires consistency and dedication, and the results you will achieve will maximize your human performance potential.

Synergy Strong offers two unique programs: At Home or In-Office. The At-Home Program includes an initial in-clinic assessment with your coach, and a customized self-lead training program meant to be completed 3 times per week at home for 4 weeks. A new assessment will be conducted every 3 months to monitor progress, and your program will be adjusted to maintain results.  

The In-Office Program also begins with an assessment, followed by 2 in-office training sessions per week for 6 weeks. In-Office sessions are one-on-one instruction with your coach, with a new assessment every 3 months to monitor progress and maintain results.


Choose Your Plan

$480  / 12 sessions
  • Initial assessment in-office
  • 2 in-clinic sessions per week for 6 weeks
  • Instruction by a Synergy coach
  • New in-office assessment every 3 months
Program Only
$150  / Monthly
  • Initial assessment in-office
  • 3 at-home sessions per week for 4 weeks
  • Self-lead instruction follows custom programming
  • New in-office assessment every 3 months

We can’t wait to see you become Synergy Strong™.

If you are ready to realize your ultimate human performance, please ask your Synergy therapist about becoming a founding member of the Synergy Strong™ program.  

Not a current Synergy Physical Therapy patient? No problem.  

Contact us today for more information about joining the Synergy Strong™ program.

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