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Clinical Director; Doctor of Physical Therapy

Vincent Peries, PT, DPT

The first thing you should know about Vincent is that he loves what he does for a living! He was made for physical therapy. Everything that Vincent has done in his life has led to, what he believes, is the best physical therapy concept/clinic in the Valley.



Team Quick Facts

What's your favorite thing about what you do?

I love making people feel better, especially when they can avoid unnecessary surgeries and medications.

What's your favorite way to spend the weekend:

Hanging out with my kids in the pool during the day and hanging out with my wife with a few cocktails in the evening, all while listening to great music.

What's a common misconception about PT?

People think that 1 hour sessions, a couple of days a week is going to fix everything. They need to be part of the process and participate at home in order to have lasting results.

Vincent is the founder of Synergy Physical Therapy, and is dedicated to seeing his patients succeed.

Vincent's personal and clinical experiences bring a fresh and innovative perspective to rehabilitation and performance. He believes every patient should be informed of his or her condition and prognosis to become more involved in the treatment process. Maximum patient participation ensures optimal healing, and at Synergy Physical Therapy, you can expect a direct, transparent treatment approach. Having said that, Vincent likes to leave his patients with this: Ad Vitam Paramus; meaning, "we are preparing for life!"


Vincent is originally from Queens, NY. He ventured out West to receive his bachelor's degree in sports medicine from Pepperdine University. From there, Vincent moved to Phoenix where he earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from A.T. Still University. Soon after graduating, Vincent met his beautiful wife Tara. Vincent, Tara, and their three children, Ava, Sophia, and Luca, now call Phoenix home. When he's not with patients, Vincent enjoys spending time with his family.

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