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Many people don't realize that physical therapy offers numerous options for people suffering from chronic headache conditions.


Although many headaches are mild and resolve quickly on their own, some patients experience chronic pain associated with frequent headache events that greatly decrease their quality of life. Synergy Physical Therapy utilizes several treatments that have been shown to decrease the frequency and duration of serious headaches, as well as restore function and mobility. Because many headaches originate outside the head itself, like in joints and muscles of the neck and back, your therapist may use a combination of manual therapy and dry needling to target these areas and resolve your headaches at their source. 

Headaches are often an injury that people think can only be treated with medication; however, that is wrong.

There is scientific research that shows physical therapy can help alleviate headache symptoms without the use of NSAIDs or other OTC medication. Oftentimes, headaches are caused by tight cervical spine musculature and with proper manual therapy intervention (cupping, dry needling, trigger point release, and taping), stretching, and strengthening program we are able to alleviate symptoms consistent with a headache.

We also think it is important to educate our patients on not only the different causes of headaches but also on ways in their day-to-day life to help reduce the risk of their headaches returning. Reviewing sleeping, sitting, standing, and corrective exercise posture is very important in the recovery process as well as proper strengthening and stretching.

Your Synergy therapist may treat headaches with a combination of treatments, which may include:

Manual Therapy
Dry Needling
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