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A hands-on approach to your treatment

Manual Therapy

There are a many treatment paths at Synergy Physical Therapy that require the use of weight machines, treadmills, and other fitness equipment to build strength and improve mobility. However, we pride ourselves on the use of manual therapy to provide a hands-on approach to rehabilitation whenever possible.



Treatment Quick Facts

Why is manual therapy typically used?

Manual therapy is typically used on patients requiring help to restore range of motion and increase blood flow to joints and soft tissue experiencing tightness or injury. 

How is manual therapy administered?

Manual therapy is administered while the patient is seated or laying down. The practitioner will use their hands to apply pressure and assist in various movements in order to maximize the patient's range of motion. Other therapies like taping or myofascial release may be administered during this time.

Is manual therapy painful?

Manual therapy can ocassionally require faily strong pressure on various joints and muscle tissue in order to restore movement. This pressure can certainly cause some discomfort in areas of the body experiencing muscle tightness or injury. Your therapist will make sure you are doing ok every step of the way in order to maximize range of movement while keeping you as comfortabl as possible. 

Manual therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy that relies on a practitioner’s hands to manipulate joints and muscle.

During this procedure, a therapist will use specific hand placements, applying various pressure and motion in order to restore healthy movement in joints and soft tissues. This hands-on therapy is known to increase blood flow, increase tissue resiliency, and increase range of motion.

There are several different types of manual therapy that may be used during your treatment.


There are several types of manual therapy that may be used during your treatment.

Joint mobilization involves carefully moving a patient’s joint to improve motion, reduce pain and muscle spasms, and help the joint function properly.

Taping is a common physical therapy treatment that allows the therapist to align the muscles and help a patient recover from injury. Strips of special tape are placed strategically on the patient’s body in specific locations to help support joints and muscles as well as improve mobility.

Myofascial release is a treatment that physical therapist utilize designed to facilitate the stretching and relaxing of the connective tissue between muscles and joints.

Similar to myofascial release, this treatment can help reduce scar tissue and relax muscles, thus helping the joints move better.

Manual therapy may be used to help patients with a number of conditions, including:


Ankle Pain
Foot Pain
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Back Pain
Muscle Pain
Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain
Stomach Pain

Manual therapy benefits include:

Reduced inflammation

Improved mobility

Increased flexibility

Relaxed muscles

Is this treatment right for you?

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